We offer you 4 Bungalows in front of the shore with a seaview terrace, the own private shower bathroom, double size bed, solarcell for the light, and two hour by generator for charger phone, laptop etc.

3 Bungalow maximum 2 occupancy (Double size Bed)

1 Bungalow maximum 3 occupancy (Double size Bed + extra bed)

The Pricelist for a Bungalow :

Rp 600.000,- for Single Occupancy

Rp 900.000,- for Double Occupancy

Rp 350.000,- for additional Occupancy

The price are included :

-. 3 times meals a day, started when Dinner

-. Mineral water, tea and coffee everytime you need available on dining room

    not including but you can order soft drink etc

To reach us in Alor:

Mali Airport (ARD) is the name of the airport in Alor Island, You can reach Alor from the international airports in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali,  with Kupang (KOE) as a transit point.

You can find these possible domestic routes:

Jakarta (CGK) - Kupang (KOE) - Alor (ARD)

Surabaya (SUB) - Kupang (KOE) - Alor (ARD)

Bali (DPS) - Kupang (KOE) - Alor (ARD)

from the airport, you take a taxi (we could also arrange it for you) to Alor Kecil Village, which take about 45 minutes (29 km) and cost around Rp 150.000/ max 2 person, Rp 200.000-250.000/max 4 person.

in Alor Kecil village, you take a small boat to cross over to Marangki Kepa, cost Rp 20.000,-/person

we can arrange :

private boat for island hoping and snorkeling around the island in Alor, which cost arround Rp 1.500.000 a day, and day trip in Alor with a car, the price is arround Rp 750.000,- /car

Contact Reservation :

Whattsapp : +6281236200040

Email : marangkikepa@gmail.com